Hey there, scrappers! I’ve got another new collab kit for you this week! I worked with Studio Basic to create something a little different than my usual style! xo is 20% off through Saturday!

xo digital scrapbook kit


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CT Layouts with xo

Have a fabulous weekend and I’ll be back here to share a new SOLO kit and a new Everyday Life collection next week! :)

This week I had the pleasure of teaming up with 2 fellow (and fantastic) designers over at SSD to create Best Day with Libby Pritchett and Summer Story with Meghan Mullens! Where the Heart Is is also back in the shop. Check out this week’s new releases and save 20% through Saturday! Don’t forget that you can still get my featured designer kit FREE with any $10 purchase!

Best Day Digital Scrapbook Kit by Megan Turnidge and Libby Pritchett

Best Day CT Layouts

Summer Story Digital Scrapbook Kit by Megan Turnidge and Meghan Mullens

Summer Story CT Layouts

Where the Heart Is Digital Scrapbook Bundle


Re-release: Bundle | Kit | 3×4 Cards | Bonus Alphas | Bonus Papers

Where The Heart Is CT Layouts



I’ll see ya right back here next week! Have a wonderful weekend!

NEW Everyday Life: It's Elementary Digital Scrapbook Collection

Hey there, scrappers! It’s August and tons of kids around the country and headed back to school! (and all the moms rejoiced!) Don’t forget to take lots of photos of those back to school adventures so you can scrap them! Becca and I have a new installment in our Everyday Life series that is perfect for back to school elementary photos. Our new Everyday Life collections are bigger than before and packed full of loads of useful supplies! It works perfectly for traditional digital pages or for digital or hybrid pocket scrapbook pages. We’ve bundled up the whole collection for maximum savings, but you can also purchase the kit, 3×4 cards, 4×6 cards, and word bits separately. Remember that all new releases are 20% off through Saturday! This week I also have a new kit for you that you can get for FREE with any purchase of $10 or more!
Everyday Life: It's Elementary Digital Scrapbook Bundle



Live Life In Color has also been re-released and is now ready for purchase! Make sure you check your files before purchasing because this kit was available in my last shop as well.

Live Life In Color Ad

It's Elementary Creative Team Layouts

Thanks so much for all your support! Happy scrapping!

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I’m sure many of you have now heard of Younique. I have a few friends who sell it and rave over it. It’s another one of those direct sales companies that uses consultants to present their products at parties (in person or online) and the party hosts earn free or discounted product and the presenter earns more by getting more people to sell it… you’ve probably been to similar parties before for Jamberry or Pampered Chef or whatever. I generally don’t care for this business model. It’s hard to know if these people are raving over these products because they genuinely love it or simply because they just want to sell more and bring in more money. A couple friends of mine threw online parties for Younique and I was intrigued by the 3D Fiber Lashes product, but opted not to buy it for 2 reasons: it’s expensive ($29) and some of the photos I saw were less than impressive. So… when my friend, Alicia, messaged me and asked if she could send me some product to review, I was thrilled to see if this stuff was really that great. Alicia is an independent consultant for Younique and you can purchase from her personal site at explosiveeyes.com.

Here I am to give you a totally unbiased review. I do NOT sell Younique and I opted not to throw an online party (I didn’t want this review being swayed by possibly earning some stuff from it). None of the links in this post will earn me any free product or other compensation. I received free product simply for the purposes of completing this review. Any purchases made through the links in this post will benefit Alicia, but I will receive no commisions or other free product.

Here’s everything Alicia sent me:


At the top is the 3D Fiber Lashes set, a cream foundation, and a lip gloss in Luxe. I was sent a full size of the eye pigment in Sexy and loads of samples of other eye pigments, a blush, and some concealer.

Since the 3D Fiber Lashes seems to be their big seller, let’s start with that…

Younique 3D Fiber Lashes

I really like the packaging – it comes in a sturdy case that looks like an eyeglass case. Note that this is NOT considered a replacement for mascara. It came with instructions and they tell you to put on one coat of your regular mascara before applying the Fiber Lash, then you apply the transplanting gel, followed by the fibers, and followed by another coat of the transplanting gel. This makes your usual eyelash routine a bit longer: curl lashes + apply mascara + transplanting gel + fibers + transplanting gel. There is a bit of a learning curve with this product. If you’re not careful, you can go overboard and it will start getting clumpy and might even make your lashes look a little furry (if that makes any sense). The fibers sometimes come off the wand in large clumps and I’d have to pull off these clumps. It’s best to do it with a light hand and concentrate on the outer lashes and apply sparingly to the inner lashes. I did not apply any to my lower lashes. It was essential for me to use a lash comb with this product in order to avoid clumps and to get the fibers to all face the right direction. You WILL end up with some loose fibers on your cheek or around your eyes, but I just brushed them away with my kabuki brush. I did have a few fibers fall on my cheeks by the end of the day (the individual fibers are really small), but I’m not sure if this just means I didn’t use enough of the gel or if this is normal. Either way, they weren’t noticeable. I only noticed them because I was looking for them up close before I took off my makeup.

EDIT: Alicia told me that she thinks it works BETTER without first applying your usual mascara. Here’s what she said:  I always use the fiber lashes as a stand alone mascara. I personally don’t care for it over other mascara. I don’t think it turns out as well and sometimes the fibers can fall off because they don’t stick as well, but that is my personal opinion. The transplanting gel is colored black so I have absolutely no problem using stand alone (and most people I have talked to feel the same). I actually have no idea why they say in the instructions to use another mascara underneath. I think it detracts from how well it works.

Good to know! I will try it without mascara next time! :)

So, does it work? Yes. My lashes definitely look longer and thicker when I use the 3D Fiber Lash. Is it something I’d apply every time I do my makeup? No. I might wear it once a week and for date nights and special occasions. The bottles do seem pretty generous, so I’m curious how long it will last me with only using it once or twice a week. I heard that with daily usage, it should last about 2 months, but I’m not sure on that.

Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara Review

Taking photos of your own eyes with a heavy DSLR is kinda hard, dudes. Just FYI. :p

I really did not care for the cream foundation. It was hard to blend and a lot harder to apply evenly in comparison to my usual liquid foundation. The concealer was alright, but I would rather use a liquid or cream concealer than a powder. I just feel I get better coverage from liquid and cream concealers.

The eye pigments are really, really pretty. They have lots of beautiful shades in matte or shimmery finishes. The eye pigment in Sexy is super pretty and the perfect highlighter for the inner eye. The pigments feel almost silky when rubbed between the fingers. I didn’t have much fallout when applying it, but I always rub my eyeshadow brushes on my hand before applying the shadow to my eyes. The color lasts through the day, but I use an eye shadow primer (Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion) so I can’t tell you how they wear without the primer.

I liked the blush, but I prefer my cream blush from nyx since it’s not as messy as loose powder.

All Younique products claim to be naturally based and chemical free and their products are not tested on animals. They have a Love It Guarantee so you can buy with confidence.

Now here’s a full face shot – I’m wearing some of the eye pigments (Sexy, Daring, and Curious), the 3D Fiber Lashes, blush in Sweet, and the lip gloss in Luxe. This shade of gloss is a really natural color for me. Alicia warned me when I picked it that it’s a little orange, but I have warm yellow undertones and my usual lip color is a peachy color, so I knew this would be a good shade for me. The gloss has a really nice feel to it and doesn’t feel at all sticky. It lasts a few hours, which is pretty good for a gloss!

Younique 3D Fiber Lash and Eye Pigments Review

Alicia would like to give away one set of 3D Fiber Lashes to one of my blog followers! Here’s how you can enter:

REQUIRED entry: Go to Alicia’s Younique Independent Presenter webpage www.ExplosiveEyes.com. Look at the 100% natural mineral eye pigments. Come back and leave a comment with your favorite color.

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Becca and I are back with another Everyday Life Collection, and this one is fantastic! We went outside of our usual comfort zone and came up with this urban style collection that covers all your city adventures - Everyday Life: Urban Dreams is perfect for capturing your favorite moments in the city. From the city streets to the museums, all the sights and places from city life are featured in this set. Save 34% today only on the bundle, or save 20% on the individual pieces. Sale prices good today (Saturday) only! 


Everyday Life: Urban Dreams Digital Scrapbook Collection

Everyday Life: Urban Dreams Digital Scrapbook Kit

Everyday Life: Urban Dreams 3x4 Journal and Filler Cards

Everyday Life: Urban Dreams 4x6 Journal and Filler Cards


I have also added last month’s kit that was featured in The Digi Files. Sweet Dreams is now available in my shop! Four other customer faves from my old catalog have also been added and they are all 20% today… so go check out the shop!

Sweet Dreams Digital Scrapbook Kit

Everyday Life: Urban Dreams Layouts

Thanks for taking a peek! Have a wonderful weekend!