I’ve been on the lookout for pretty cake stands, particularly a small one for my cute little 6″ cake pans. I found plenty of cuteness, but for prices way out of my budget. I was super excited when I came across DIY ideas on Pinterest for cheap cake stands! I picked up a $3 candlestick and a $2 salad plate at Walmart and simply glued them together, primed it, then spray painted it! Totally adorable. If you’re looking for tips for this kind of project, head on over to this post by Centsational Girl. I used a different glue than her. I found a Glass & Bead Slick Surface Adhesive by Aleene’s in my Walmart’s crafting section. You could totally do this for cheaper if you find candlesticks and plates at a thrift store.


I wouldn’t put food directly on the cake plate with the spray painted finish, so I put two layers of paper under the cake, cut to fit the plate. Anyone know of a food safe sealant or something you could put over spray paint?

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  1. That is adorable! I love cake stands and tend to use them more of things other than cakes.

  2. very cute project! and cake looks fabulous too.

  3. this is super cute!!!

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