EDIT: Giveaway now closed! Congrats to Tiffany and Meg P – I’ve sent you both emails with your $10 codes. :)


A few of you noticed that my shop at TDC disappeared over the weekend. No, I didn’t suddenly retire… I’m moving! Can you guess where I’ll be opening up shop later this week?! Leave your guess in the comments here and I’ll randomly select TWO lucky scrappers to get $10 to my new shop. I’ll select one random person from those who guessed correctly and another name from those who guessed incorrectly… so guess away! You can post up to 2 guesses. :)


  1. Second guess would be…..Scrapflower

  2. Scrap Orchard?

  3. I thought you were moving with whatever you said last! How exciting! I have no idea… so I’ll just guess One Story down…

  4. Gosh I have no clue but will guess Sweet Shoppe.

  5. I’m gonna guess One Story Down; you’ll make a great addition wherever you go!

  6. Jessica Sprague would be my guess

  7. DHD?

  8. Fun game! First guess…. hmmmmm…. The Sweet Shoppe

  9. Ok so I have to take advantage of two guess. My second would be The Lilly Pad. Good Luck at your new store either way!

  10. Second guest: OSD… :-D

  11. One Story Down :)

  12. Sweet Shoppe

  13. Guess #1 Scrapflower

  14. Guess #2 Scrap Takeout

  15. I really have no idea. Maybe After 5?

  16. I say Scrap Orchard.

  17. I would say One Story Down or Scrap Orchard.

  18. Scrapflower is one guess

  19. Scrap orchard is the second.

  20. Scrap Orchard?

  21. Or how about The Lily Pad?

  22. I am going to guess Scrap Orchard.

  23. Or maybe Scrapflower. Congrats, wherever it is!

  24. Jan_GodBlessAmerica

    I think Sweet Shoppe, but I wish it was The Lilypad

  25. #1 ScrapOrchard

  26. #2 The Lily Pad

    BTW, loved your random post. You are pretty and an amazing woman, TFS!

  27. Congratulations! Maybe OSD?

  28. My second guess… Scrap Orchard. :)

  29. i’ll guess DHD.

  30. second guess Scrapflower.

  31. Your own!! :)

  32. Nikki Epperson

    I’m guessing Scrap Orchard. :)

  33. I’ll guess GingerScraps! thanks for the chance!

  34. first guess is funky playground

  35. second guess is sweet shoppe. thanks for a chance to win!

  36. My 2nd guess is the Sweet Shoppe

  37. Rhonda Austin

    I am guessing Oscraps.

  38. I’m guessing Scrap Orchard! best of luck to you wherever you go!

  39. I am guessing Sweet Shoppe or ScrapFlower. Congrats!

  40. Congratulations !!!!!
    My 1st guess will be The Studio

  41. and my 2nd guess will be ScrapFlowers !!

    Thanks for the wonderful template and a chance to win :)

  42. First guess: Scrap Takeout

  43. Second guess: With Love Studio

  44. Karen Freeman

    Maybe DHD? Good luck with your move!

  45. Second guess would be Oscraps

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