I hate the mishmash of ugly magnets on my fridge. It started to really annoy me, so I decided I’d replace them with some pretty magnets. This is the easiest craft project I’ve ever done. I’m not even really sure I can call it a craft project because it really just consists of gluing cabochons to magnets. Easy. Beautiful. Inexpensive. I like it. 

All you need are some cabochons, some magnets, and some glue. I asked the gal who sold me the magnets what adhesive she recommended and she told me that E-6000 was a really good one (it is “industrial strength”). I found it at my Walmart in the crafting section by the other adhesives. This glue has lots of scary warnings on it though… so don’t stick it up your nose (it doesn’t smell good anyways and I doubt you want to glue your nostrils shut), use it near an open window/in a well ventilated area, don’t eat it (duh!), don’t let kids handle it, and wash your hands thoroughly after you use it. Sometimes I like to play with toxic glue just to feel a little dangerous and wild. My life is exciting.

I purchased my cabochons from Oh What Fun on Etsy. She has some great color coordinated mixes. I chose 2 different mixes and combined them for my set of magnets.

All my cabochons were smaller than those big, bulky button magnets you get in the crafting section at Walmart/at the craft store… you know the ones I’m talking about. They’re thick and black. And huge. Those would not do for this project unless you have large cabochons. So I went searching on Etsy again and read up on Neodymium magnets. These things are crazy. Have you heard of them? They’re ridiculously strong, so you can use teeny tiny ones and they still have lots of pulling power. I got a set of 20 of these little guys from this shop on Etsy for $5 (plus shipping). I was not expecting them to be so tiny. The listing said they were only 1/4 inch in diameter, but I was still in shock when I unpackaged them from the mail. I was thinking, there is no way these will hold anything up on the fridge. They’re ridiculously small! I immediately took them over to the fridge to test them out and make sure I had not just wasted my money. First I tried a single piece of paper and it held it firmly in place. Then I tried a photo print… still good! Then I took an envelope from the counter. I’ve never hung a bill, still in its envelope, on the fridge because all but ONE of my magnets can’t hold something that thick. Well, my internet bill, probably equivalent to hanging a packet of 10 papers in a single stack on the fridge, was held firmly in place by this tiny powerhouse of a magnet. I was literally in disbelief and giggling to myself. They are crazy strong – you’re even warned not to use them near pace makers. o.O I think next time I will buy some that are 3/8 inch (just search for Neodymium magnets on Etsy and you can find that size) simply because these 1/4 inch ones are so small that they are kinda hard to work with.

For reference, one of the 1/4″ magnets next to a dime:

Word to the wise: make sure when you’re laying out your magnets and setting aside the assembled magnets to dry that you place them at least 4 inches apart… take it from me… if they are any closer than that, the magnets will roll towards each other and stick to each other and make it impossible to use them if they have glue on them already. Yes, it happened to me. Bah!

The glue instructions tell you to apply a little to each surface, let them dry for about 2 minutes, then press together and set aside to dry completely. A little goes a long way, so don’t put a whole lot on. The package says to let dry for 24 hours, but really, with this little project you don’t need to. The cabochons are so light that I don’t think you need to worry about letting them dry that long. I set them aside for about 2 hours before I put them on my fridge.

Imagine how cute these would be if you packaged them up in an altered Altoids tin for giving them away as a gift?!

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  1. I totally do this! I have all sorts of cute magnets on my fridge cause I make them. They are super easy and I love them!

  2. Love! I’m going to go order some!

  3. britanee walker

    those magnets are crazy strong! i got a whole bunch online for File Folder games. they work awesome! i love cabochans :)

  4. Hi Megan,

    I was looking for an idea, what I can do with Magnets. And your Fridge Magnets are so sweeeeeeet :) . I love them. It´s an great idea to use these neodym magnets.

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