12. August 2012 · 5 comments · Categories: NSBR

I was a bad mommy this weekend. I was short-tempered and impatient. I didn’t play enough with my kids. I was frustrated and just wanted to hide in a corner and consume massive amounts of chocolate.

But then those kids… they have a way of putting things back into perspective, like when my daughter climbs up on my chair and strokes my hair and tells me she loves me and she’s so, so sorry she broke the TV*… or my little guy runs up and gives me a hug just because. The best part of my day is when I sneak into their room after they’ve gone to sleep and I spend a few minutes just admiring their beautiful faces. Their cheeks always look so kissable in those quiet moments. I snuggle into my daughter and brush the hair out of her face and give her a soft hug and a kiss and whisper that I love her. Then I gently lift the baby boy from his crib and he snuggles into my neck and we sway back and forth in the darkness. I drink in that sweet baby smell and then gently put him back down and tiptoe out the door. Then I promise myself I’ll be a better mom tomorrow. I pray and ask forgiveness for not being a good mom and not cherishing them enough. Then I try again… and fail again… and repent again.

*Anyone have an extra $500 laying around? I need a new TV. Oh geez. Kids are destructive!


  1. We all have those moments…it’s good that they keep your perspective fresh. :)

  2. Whew…it’s so nice to hear that other mom’s feel the same way some days., completely frustrated and overwhelmed.

    Here’s to a better tomorrow!

  3. Join the (very large) club of moms who fail… the great thing is that you picked yourself back up and moved on. Your kids are blessed to have a wonderful mommy :)

  4. I totally agree with the other comments – I feel like this most days and try and change and it never seems to work!!! I hope you find some $$$ to fix your TV soon!!

  5. Awe, what a gorgeous picture!
    And about the “bad mom” part… hmmm, anyone who feels bad for being a “bad mom” cannot actually BE on! Just saying. I have seen bad moms. and I could never imagine you to be one! You love your kids too much. You’d have to add “ents” to that statement…. You just had a few “bad moments”
    Hugs, Tif
    And PS, that picture is really gorgeous!

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