Recently I was able to buy a new sewing machine. I have been wanting to really learn this hobby… I did a couple projects as a teenager through church and have done maybe a half dozen SMALL, easy projects since then. I received a sewing machine for our wedding, but it was a very cheap machine by Shark. It constantly got jammed and totally freaked out on me if I had more than two thin layers of quilting cotton running through it. It was a total pain sewing the simplest of projects on that thing.

Then started the begging…. “Tyrel, I really, really need a new sewing machine.” Total need. I definitely need another time-sucking and money-draining hobby, right? ;) I did lots of research and read a million and a half reviews and narrowed down my choices to the Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine and the SINGER 7258 Stylist Sewing Machine. They were both affordable ($159 and $165, respectively), both computerized, both had a majority of really positive reviews. I didn’t need anything super fancy, but I did want something better than the $80 sewing machines so it could handle making curtains and such for my house. I had a really hard time deciding which one to buy, but I settled on the Brother… simply because it had 10x as many reviews as the Singer and because I loved that it would tell you what presser foot you needed when you selected your stitch.

I ordered it about 2 months ago and only just now got around to testing it out. I just hadn’t had much time! Last night I whipped up 2 business card holders to take it for a test run and I’m already LOVING my new machine. No jams or errors. Hooooooooray! I love how smooth it runs. I can’t say how well it will handle heavy fabrics, but I’m hoping it will fill all my needs for my simple home decor projects too!

Aren’t they cute?! Now I just need some business cards for my design business to put in them! :)

If you’re looking for a tutorial, there is one here at The Crafty Cupboard… I read through her tutorial and I decided to do mine a bit differently. I made one larger rectangle rather than cutting separate pockets. I cut 2 pieces of fabric and a piece of fusible interfacing to 5.5×11.75″. Then I fused the interfacing to the top piece of fabric, pinned the two fabrics right sides together and sewed together (left a hole for turning), turned it out, then pressed flat and folded the edges over to make pockets for the cards, and top stitched around the outside. I also decided not to do a button closure. Super fun beginner project! I can’t wait to start something new. :)

I am officially obsessed with designer fabrics! I already have a small stash of fat quarters (this is a great project for fat quarters and fabric scraps). The orange and aqua holder was made with Joel Dewberry’s Ornate Floral in Amber form the Heirloom Collection (the lining piece – not shown – was Blockprint Blossom in Amber). For the other holder, I used Heather Bailey’s Rose Bouquet in Blue from the Pop Garden Collection and lined it with Cynthia Walker’s (for Riley Blake) Dot in Blue from the Marguerite Collection.


Now…. what shall I make next?!

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  1. Too cute! I don’t know what you should make next, but whatever you decide I’m excited to read about it!!!! I’ve been wanting to make something like this to hold my phone and my iPod in my purse (yes, I know I should get an iPhone so I have 1 device instead of two, but I don’t want to buy data yet).

  2. Megan, love the business card holder and what I can see of the card itself! Would love to see the card front and back if you wouldn’t mind… Julie

  3. I love the Brother CS6000i! It’s a great machine; I love all the applique and decorative stitches :)

  4. Love this! The fabric is too cute and I think this craft looks doable, thanks for the tips!

  5. I’d totally buy one. I funny own a sewing machine. Would you consider selling one??

  6. *I don’t OWN a sewing machine

  7. I have the Brother CS6000i as well – got it 6yrs ago when my older, 20+ year Brother started giving me some trouble. My older Brother machine is now working after a cleaning and adjustment at the shop. I also have a new machine, a Husqvarna embroidery one, that I received as a gift last year. But I still use the Brother CS6000i for “regular sewing”. It’s more than capable and quick to set up, and reliable to boot. Hope you’re still enjoying yours!

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