I have been dreaming up photo walls since we first picked out the floor plan for our house a year ago. For about 9 months, I slowly started picking up ornate vintage-style frames from Home Goods, Beall’s Outlet, Target, and even scored an excellent deal ($15 each) on some ornate Italian oval frames from the 60′s on Etsy. We moved into our house last week and just two days later I was dreaming up how I was going to style this vintage-style photo wall. I lived far too long with bare walls in our rentals and we have SO MANY gorgeous photos that need to be on our walls, so getting some photos hung has been my number one decor priority.

Little side note: I’m going to take this opportunity to beg you, if it’s at all a financial possibility for you, to hire a photographer and get photos done of your family. We have had our photos done by various photographers over the last 4 years and I cherish these photos so much. Money well spent.

Anyways… I pulled out the frames I had been collecting and started laying them out on the carpet. By the eighth try, I finally came up with an arrangement I was happy with. I snapped a photo so I wouldn’t forget, brought the photo into Photoshop, and started planning out the colors and photos. I always use Photoshop to help me plan out stuff like this because it really helps me visualize how it’s going to look in the end.

I based this wall around a beautiful printable I found of one of my most favorite quotes by Dieter F. Uchtdorf. I am always inspired by that man when he speaks in General Conference. This quote really hits home for me. You can purchase this printable here at The Peas in Our Pod. The posters says, “We would do well to slow down a little, focus on the significant, and truly see that things that matter most.” I constantly need to remind myself of this. I decided to surround the quote with photos of my family, some silhouettes I made of my children, and a photo of the LDS Salt Lake Temple. Cari has been extremely generous in offering free LDS Temple art (you can also make a donation) for download so go check out her site if you need some Temple photos!

Once I finalized my design plan, I ordered prints and started spray painting. I love spray paint… you can freshen up nearly anything with it! I used Krylon’s Bright White, Jade, Brushed Metallic Nickel, and Oxford Blue (all in Satin finish). One can of each was just barely enough for this project. And the primer? I decided not to use it. The frames turned out great without it!


Here’s the finished wall. It makes me so happy when I pass by it!

Some close-ups so you can check out the pretty details on the frames… (please excuse my crazy white balance issues… not all of these were taken on the same day)

The silhouettes are my fave part!

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  1. They are awesome, Megan! And I think they suit your style perfectly! Wow! Congratulations!!!

  2. a beautiful wall,especially love the silhouettes x

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