With my latest free kit, I received a number of emails and comments asking me how I replaced the folder images with the image of my kit preview. On PCs, the image named “folder” would show up as a preview on the folder… but Macs don’t do that. I was introduced to this nifty little app – Img2icns (it’s free!) – that allows you to replace your folder images with any image you want! It is super helpful for organizing and remembering what is on your hard drive.

Here are a bunch of boring folders… they’ll be much prettier in a few moments! Install the app and then open it up.

Navigate to the image you want to use for the folder’s icon. Then drag and drop that image into the Img2icns box.

It will look like this once you drop it in:

Now, navigate to the folder you want to replace with the image, then drag and drop the folder’s icon into the Img2icns box. The folder will magically change! Wow! hehe

See? So much better! Now I can see all my pretty digi scrap kits before I even open up the folders. :)

I hope that is a helpful little tip for you Mac users out there! :)

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  1. ok Megan! This is changing my life…only one question. As I’ve gone through and started changing my folder image, it doesn’t show up that way in CS Bridge, the way your kit preveiw does? Any suggestions?

  2. Hmmm… mine still display the images in place of folders when I view them in Bridge. I have CS4. I have no idea why yours aren’t displaying them! I’m sorry I can’t be more help. :/

  3. This leads on to another question…Do you or does anyone know how to display folder’s contents similar to this in Windows 7? I can achieve this on my desktop with Windows XP, but cannot on my laptop using Windows 7, which only shows a portion of items peeking out of the file. Maybe it’s only us digital scrappers that need to see goodies in the folders, but I agree with you it makes life so much easier! Thanks Kay

  4. If you don’t want an app. Open the folder image or preview and select all, copy. Go to the kit folder and right click, get info. Click on the blue folder icon in the upper left corner so it has a blue outline. Then paste your image. Same effect.

  5. Kay, I don’t know! I hope someone with Windows 7 chimes in. And Nibbles Skribbles, I knew about that too, but this is a little simpler and faster (at least for me).

  6. Thank you for this tip, was using a similar program but had to copy and paste the folder contents into the new folder I had created using the preview image. This is so much faster and now I have to do is alter the file name if so desired. Great little app., thanks again.

  7. AH!!! I had to close out of bridge and reopen it and it worked!!! This has changed my life! Now, instead of Saturday cleaning, I am making new images for my blue folders!!

  8. I hope those chimes ring too! I can’t understand why they (windows 7) won’t give you that option! Oh well… Thanks Megan. Everhopeful Kay.

  9. just like Kay – I would like to know also – I have laptop windows 7
    I’ve done searchs but nothing

  10. Great idea! I just printed out contact sheets for all of my folders. Wish I had known this a few hours ago! :) Thanks…those blue folders are boring, aren’t they?

  11. OK, so I downloaded the app and everything worked just as you said it would, EXCEPT that the images are all blurry when they are enlarged even a tiny bit, and when not enlarged they’re too small to make anything out! Any ideas?

  12. It works now! No idea why, but I’ll take it! :)

  13. THANK YOU! I’ve been trying to figure this out for AGES!

  14. I have a link on how to display images on folders in windows 7
    but when you get to the part that says ” set the folder Icon”
    I found out that the only way you can see the “customize” tab in the “properties” window is that you have to copy and paste your folder to desktop then right click on folder- propreties then customize – change Icon
    it’s a lot of work but it can be done – just thought some one would like to know.

  15. This is Wonderful! Thank you.

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