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Christmas will be here before you know it! It’s about that time to get started on Christmas cards if you’re planning on sending them out to friends and family this year! If you missed last year’s free card template, you can grab it here (it’s cutesy and fun!). This year’s card is more traditional. This card is sized 5×7″ and is provided in PSD, TIF, and PNG files.

This card has a special, VERY LIMITED, professional use license. Professional photographers may use this template to print custom photo cards for their clients. Please do not use for any other commercial work or offer the card in an Etsy shop or as a digital download to others. Thanks!

When you go to edit the text, you will get a warning if you don’t have that font installed on your computer. You can just change the font to one you have. I used Rosarian (purchased – these text layers have been rasterized and I included an additional layer that’s editable in Century Gothic so you can change the greeting if you like) and Foglihten No 1 (free). Enjoy!

The beautiful preview photos of my family were taken by Rachel Belle Photography.
Free Christmas Card Template

Download here


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  1. Thank you! This is beautiful. If I can get a few good pictures of my family, I will print these for sure!

  2. thanks, megan! So generous of you! i love this!

  3. Lovely! Thanks very much.

  4. What a pretty card! Thank you for the printable and I’ve got this linked to my 2013 holiday card templates for free post too today!

  5. thank-you for the beautiful card.

  6. They’re adorable, thank you for doing this! :)

  7. I LOVE this. Thank you for sharing..

    Upon downloading and trying to open, it is giving me an error pop up in PS CS5 saying that it is not a valid PS document. Is there something I’m doing wrong??

  8. This is awesome! Thank you!

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