I was contacted by Chari at Persnickety Prints to try their prints out. I remembered reading the review over at The Daily Digi and was super excited to try them out!

First off, I had absolutely no troubles uploading or ordering… I found their online ordering simple. I always like that. ;) Second, their customer service is fantastic. Chari is wonderful to work with and super quick to respond to all your questions and concerns.

Their shipping is fast. Their prices are fantastic – some of the very best in the biz for scrapbook pages. 12×12′s are just $1.99 and 8×8′s are $0.99. That’s $1 cheaper than Costco for a 12×12… and I think their prints are better than Costco.

Now, onto the quality of the prints… Let me start this off by informing you that my monitor is currently properly calibrated using the Spyder3Elite calibration hardware. I think this bit of information is really important for you to know since I can now properly judge if a printer can reproduce the color I see on my calibrated monitor.

The prints:

The prints are really beautiful and I LOVE the matte finish on their matte prints. I never, ever order glossy… I’m a fan of matte. I think the finish looks more professional and it helps avoid fingerprints and glare. The pages are full bleed and I had NOTHING cut off. I always hated adjusting my pages for printing when I printed through Costco because I could lose 1/4″ of my edges… I didn’t have that problem at all with Persnickety Prints!

Brightness: I found that the prints were just ever so slightly brighter than my monitor… but it wasn’t a huge difference. I made sure to turn my monitor’s brightness down when I calibrated and it matches the pro lab I use for printing my pictures.

Color: The colors are nice and rich… although I did find the pinks to be a little less vibrant than what I see on my screen. The greens and blues seemed to be reproduced very well in their prints – I only noticed a difference in the pinks (and I do love me some PINK…hehe!). I would not have noticed this if I had not held the prints out next to me and compared them to my screen. It is not something I noticed when I looked at them right out of the box – which is pretty darn good!

So, there ya have it! I think their prints are great!

Would I order prints from them in the future? Definitely.


  1. Wow…I never thought I’d see the day that you liked a printer better than Costco! Now I know who to order from!

  2. Thanks for the review Megan! Great to know!

  3. Thanks for the review. I have been wonderign how their prints came out.

  4. Chari is super nice!!!

  5. Ohhh, Megan!!! Off to check out Persnickity Prints. Thank you sooooooo much!!

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