When I was a teenager, cute and modest swimsuits and dresses were extremely hard to find. One year, the young women at my church even tried petitioning for the local department stores to start carrying modest prom dresses (wouldn’t you know that 2 years after I graduated high school they started carrying cute prom dresses with sleeves?!).  It wasn’t until a couple years ago that lots of shops started popping up with stylish, modest clothing. (Thank you, Utah! lol) I’m going to share my fave modest shops with you… and PLEASE leave me a comment with links to any other awesome shops you have found and love!

The first shop I found a few years ago was Shade Clothing. They carry cute tops and basic tees that are nice and long.

The next shop I discovered was DownEast Basics. They are super affordable and carry awesome basics (tees, long camis, etc.) and cute dresses (and more)! I WANT this top! Sooo cute!

In the last few months I found two totally AMAZING new shops….. one for swimwear and the other for totally cute vintage inspired dresses! Eeep! You ready for these?

Lime Ricki carries modest tankinis and one piece swimsuits that offer coverage while still being CUTE! I am sooooo excited I found them (thanks Sarah E!). Swimsuit shopping was the WORST because I need a tankini since one pieces aren’t long enough for me and pull on my shoulders (I love being tall, but it does have its drawbacks) and almost all the tankinis out there show major cleavage (no, thanks) or are too short and show a little belly. My suit from Lime Ricki is PERFECT! The tankinis are long and the boy shorts offer great coverage. Their customer service is awesome too! At first I ordered the Isabelle tankini… and had to exchange it. Apparently that style is best suited for smaller chested girls (A or B cup). Total bummer because the suit is gorgeous! It fit perfectly, except on the bust. I sent it back and just got the Courtney top with the pink boy shorts. It fits me perfectly! No cleavage. No belly. The material is thick and the suit is fully lined. It’s got {bust} support built into the suit. I just love all the fun patterns on their site! Note: their suits do tend to run small. I’m a size 8/medium and I had to order a large in the top and bottoms. Right now they’re offering FREE SHIPPING and you can find coupon codes here. ;)

And last – though certainly not least – Shabby Apple has absolutely gorgeous vintage inspired dresses!!! Man, I want like half the dresses on their site. I also have a weakness for vintage-y stuff. I actually discovered them through a killer Groupon deal last month. They were offering $100 worth of clothing for just $40!!!! I snagged that deal right up… I bought 2. :) I ended up with the Madison Avenue, the Ingrid, and the Bahama Beaches ring… all for 60% off! I love awesome deals! Unfortunately, that deal is no longer available.

I thought their sizing was a bit off on their size chart. I took my measurements and according to their chart, I was a small for their “fits generously” dresses. Turned out I needed a medium. In all honesty, I do feel they are a bit overpriced. ;) My Ingrid dress is made of thin cotton… and while I LOVE the style and how it slims me around the waist, I would have been disappointed with the material had I actually paid full price for it. ;) The Madison Ave is made of thicker, better quality fabric that doesn’t wrinkle very easily. I wore the Madison Ave to church a couple weeks ago and got lots of compliments on it!


Awesome stuff, right? So what are your modest finds?!


  1. Love love love Down East. I’d live there if I could. Great finds!! I’m checking out Shade, right now!

  2. I know just what you’re talking about when it comes to swim suits! I’m tall too and I could never find a modest two-piece swim suit until I found Diviine ModesTee. http://www.diviinemodestee.com/ I have their Tankini Side Tie top and the Ruched bottoms. I love them! I also have a bunch of their shirts as well. One of these days I’ll buy some of their cute dresses too!

  3. Hi! I thought you might be interested in seeing a fun music video my family and I made about modesty. Here is the link to the video: http://youtu.be/UXzWNQT1cJk . My husband and some friends wrote the song as a means to communicating the sensitive subject of modesty to a show choir at the University of Utah’s Institute of Religion some years ago. It was a big hit and we feel like it might help young women to get the message. Thanks, enjoy!


  4. Thank you so much this helped so much! :D

  5. Thank you so much! :) ) This helped A LOT!

  6. Definitely beginning to despair about ever finding modest clothing. Thanks so much for providing a variety of prices and styles! Really, really appreciate it.

  7. Awesome so glad i found your blog it was so nice to find some cute stuff which is decent and cute just so preetty and perfect

  8. Hi I have the same problem with modest clothing the world is getting so bad with clothes my mom has to make most of my clothes just to be modest!!!! plus I live in a small town which is L.D.S. But no clothing stores so we have to go out!but you guys should try selling in magrath Canada!!!!!! Please you would do the town a HUGE! favor!!!!!!

  9. Sorry I couldn’t find modest clothing other than the stuff my mom makes!

  10. http://www.shopruche.com has some really cute things! I’ve never bought from there but love browsing- lots of cute vintage-y things and lots that appear very modest. Thanks for all the other finds!

  11. Thank you sooooo much! Love down east. I had never heard of any of these stores, they are awesome! I lucked out and live in irvine, ca where down east is just a few miles away. Yes, modest is classy, feminine and best.

  12. I love Bella Bird, they don’t have a store, but Wal-Mart sells their clothes,it’s affordable,moddest, and cute, despite the fact you buy it from wal-mart.

  13. I’m a diplomat’s kid who used to live in Africa and Central America and I can tell you, I understand what you’re going for. What I feel like should be mentioned, though, is that a lot of girls (like me) had a hard time dealing with ‘modest clothing’ not because we wanted to be immodest or rebellious, but because we LOVE clothes. We love shapes, accessories, are facinated by high fashion, and we love to experiment. In contrast, most of the ‘modest’ clothing I’ve ever been able to find in the US is bland, uninteresting, or when pretty, a bit of a one trick pony. What I would be interested in seeing is something like what women have in countries that work harder to be modest. These women can wear something that feels like pajamas but is brightly colored and/or pretty, in opulent textiles and, with minimal hair and makeup (and almost no visible skin) on your part, can look elegant.

    On the same note, the demands of ‘modesty’ can change dramatically depending on where you live. Wearing something that would be appropriate in a strong, devout Muslim area would attract actively negative attention in Hawaii. I lived and worked on a missions base in Kona and it was completely appropriate for any women there to wear shorts and swim in bikinis. When I lived in Guatemala it was fine to show a little cleavage, and fine to see an inch or so of skin at the middriff, but showing off leg above the knee was NOT ok (although you could wear skin-tight jeans).

    Also, as a girl that is not skinny, but has a defined hourglass shape, there is something to be said for looking professional. If I wear a dress that ‘covers up my shape’ or makes me look not so curvy, it simply doesn’t fit my body and I look frumpy, or badly dressed. I think it’s important to note that anything that makes you look like you didn’t want to show up for work can be viewed as disrespectful and/or unprofessional.

    Any thoughts?

  14. miriam millar


    check out the link you can still keep the shape i have fallen in love with this website! :)

  15. Marianella Halvorsen

    I still not finding what I want, I mean really modest, with short sleeves and longer skirt that what I see here, I love a top that is in the picture , but if it was a longer dress, would be perfect. I don’t like big openings collar that will show my bra, you know what I mean? I can design and sew my clothes but my eyes are not so good now.

  16. We just started a new stylish boutique. We’d love to hear what you all think. You can learn more about us here: techcrunch.com/2012/08/19/meet-mode-sty-conservative-shopping-site-womens-clothing/

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  18. just found this store today. I haven’t bought anything from there yet, but I am planning on it. such cute stuff!

  19. oops just realized the link didn’t go through so here it is again. They have super cute stuff!

  20. Desperately looking for modest, in style dresses for juniors. Everything is 5″ above the knee or more. Help?

  21. Cute clothes

  22. @britnay Your pretty

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