Me! Me! Me! I’m pretty much done with my shopping, too. It’s fabulous! I just wanted to share some awesome deals on Amazon right now… they’ve already started their Black Friday sale! Today I picked up two DVDs… one for me and one for hubby’s stocking. ;) I got The Blind Side and The Dark Knight. Have you seen The Blind Side? AWESOME, awesome move. LOVED. IT. Made me cry and laugh and feel all warm and fuzzy. :) And guess what? They’re on sale for just $3.99 EACH! WOOT!! I *think* they’re only on sale through tonight. EDIT: Nope, they’re still on sale! :) Plus, if you’ve got Amazon Prime, you get free 2-day shipping! I got a year free of Amazon Prime because I’m a student… score! I LOVE their 2-day shipping!



I picked up a ton of stuff last week on Amazon for my daughter for her b-day and for Christmas. And what’s best? I haven’t paid for any of it because I had $250 in Amazon gift cards that I earned for FREE with Swag Bucks (took me 5 months to earn that)!! I was saving up my SB gift cards for a new lens, but I decided I’d much rather give my hubby and daughter a really awesome Christmas. I am just WAY too excited!!!

If you’ve been skeptical about Swag Bucks, don’t be. It’s completely legit and it has funded Christmas for my family this year! I’m so thankful I was able to get lots of awesome stuff for free since money is really tight for us right now. :) You can read up on Swag Bucks here… I walk you through it and make it easier to understand what it’s all about!

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