I used to think crocheting was such an old lady hobby. I always quickly passed over any projects done in those old, muddy brown and green colors. Then, I discovered that some ladies were making really gorgeous stuff in more modern color palettes and I was hooked! (haha… hooked… get it?) First I found tons of fun hat patterns on Etsy that were perfect for my new baby boy… then I signed up for Pinterest. If you’re not on Pinterest, you are seriously missing out! Gosh, I love spending my spare time pinning away – tons and TONS of inspiration there! ANYWAYS, I started finding more links to amazing crochet patterns. I discovered Dana’s A Granny A Day blog where she shares her daily granny square and then once she has enough squares, she makes a blanket from all those squares. I am totally inspired by her gorgeous color combos and I’m hoping to crochet a blanket for one of my kids sometime this year (once I’m able to save up enough to buy all the yarn I’m going to need).

Another FABULOUS place to discover new patterns and projects is Ravelry. They have a crazy huge pattern database where you can search for free or for sale patterns.

For now, I’ve been doing fun little projects like potholders. I happened to NEED some anyway. Seriously, I only had one oven mitt and no potholders/hot pads. lol This Fanciful Flower Potholder (free pattern!) is so cute and super easy! I just love how mine turned out! See? Not old granny looking at all! lol These would make awesome gifts, don’t you think?


  1. Granny Squares are so fun and can be very pretty. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to crochet. I learned when I was 11 (when there was Mary Miss Classes in primary) and have done it ever since, even though i had stopped for a bit. But since I’m stuck at home with my girls I’ve been having so much fun.

  2. This is gorgeous!! My younger sister has just learned to crochet, I might have to get some lessons! I would love some of these around my house!

  3. Beautiful color combination, I really like it.

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