Do you realize that we’re 4 months away from Christmas?!?! This year has just flown by. Well, honestly, the last couple months of my pregnancy crawled on so slowly that I thought I was going to go insane, but now I suddenly have this 3 month old baby and I just can’t believe it! 4 months might seem like plenty of time to prepare for Christmas, but I’ve decided to do a handmade Christmas this year, inspired by all my crochet and crafty pins on Pinterest! I also decided it would be a wonderful tradition for me to make new blankets for my kids each year. So, I’ve started working on my daughter’s afghan. I picked out this DROPS pattern (and here it is on Ravelry). I’m leaving out square 3 because I’m not really lovin’ it… but the other squares are fab! I’m also making it smaller since it’s for a little 4 year old. So far, so good! I’ve worked 4 squares so far and have 26 left to go! I hope to be done in a month so I can move on to my son’s blanket (which will look a lot like this).  Colors I’m using: pink, cream, buff, sungold, and sea blue.

I’ve also started on these adorable penguins. My daughter’s is almost done… I’ve been waiting on some safety eyes to arrive in my mailbox so I can finish it. Hers is pink and my son’s will be aqua blue.


And how adorable are these felt finger puppets?!? I’m thinking I’ll do this set plus a farm animals set (for the Old MacDonald song).

Hubby will get a hat and that will probably be the only thing I’ll make him. I’ll buy him some other stuff too, of course… ;) It’s just harder to make stuff for guys. lol



  1. Super cute! love love love the colors you chose….what yarn are you using?

  2. I’m using Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn and some Red Heart Super Saver. I’m wishing I just did all Hobby Lobby yarn because it’s lots softer than the Red Heart. :)

  3. Thanks a million for including my finger puppets here – am so pleased you like them!

    I love the beginnings of your afghan, too. Such a sweet idea and the colours are just gorgeous. I’m also impressed by (i.e. completely envious of!) your super-neat squares . . . must improve my crochet skills!

  4. That penguin is absolutely adorable. Now I wish I knew how to crochet.

  5. Just love those granny squares, but I can’t get them to print out for some reason!! Love the colors you picked.

  6. gorgeous granny’s! love the colors you’ve chosen, thanks so much for the link to the free pattern! happy gift making :)

  7. Megan,
    I actually picked out the same Garn Studio DROPS pattern to make for my own little one – but I only want one particular of the granny squares.
    The pattern I found is here:
    But with no pictures, it’s hard to know which is which.
    This is the pattern I found:
    Which square is the one pictured above with the blue flower in the center?
    Thanks for your help!! :-)

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  9. Do you have a pattern for the crochet flowers I always wanted to learn how to make them.. The colors you used are so pretty.

    Thanks Lorie

  10. So cute! The panda is adorable and looks a little bit worried. Really cute, handmade gifts are always great.

  11. your penguin is sooo nice !!!

  12. Franzelle Judeel

    I’m looking for the pattern for the blanket on Drops Design, but cannot access the pattern on Reverly, look like the website for the Drops Pattern does not exist anymore, can somebody help me please! Pattern can be downloaded on Raverly for free…

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