So, a few days ago I hit up my local Dollar Tree and was looking through the Valentine’s Day goodies that were already out. I found these super adorable “debit cards” that are redeemable for things such as pizza for two, a batch of your favorite cookies, an unexpected kiss, etc. They’re like love coupons, but cuter! They had about 4 different sets, so I picked up one set for just a buck (4 cards in the set) and knew exactly what to make my hubby for Valentine’s Day! BONUS: it’s super duper cheap. ;)

Quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever found at the dollar store. They are thickĀ  just like real cards, too!

Well I didn’t want to just HAND them to him. No, that would not do. So I took some measurements and went to town in Photoshop to create a paper wallet that I decorated with my digital scrapbook supplies. I used Miss Mint’s fabulous Wild Heart Papers and Elements available for purchase at Peppermint Creative. I am giving you the blank templates, so you’ll have to decorate them yourselves. This allows you to create wallets for any occasion. :)

It has two pockets for the cards (so it can hold up to 4 cards) and a cash pocket as well. I decided I’d throw in a little cash so we can go out for ice cream on Valentine’s Day. But think of all the FUN POSSIBILITIES with this template! You can create a birthday wallet and fill it with little gift cards and cash – a small $5-10 card to their fave fast food, another $5-10 to get ice cream, a card to a local theater so they can see a movie, maybe a card to their fave clothing shop too! So get creative! You can also leave off the second card pocket if you don’t want to come up with 4 gift cards for a gift… but if you happen to find these cute “debit cards” at your dollar store, you’re set. :)

I created layered templates for you digi scrappers and also a printable PDF for you paper scrappers. Click here to download the free templates! Enjoy! I always love seeing what you create with my designs, so please leave a link to your project if you happen to use the template. :)


A few notes:
1. The cash pocket was designed so you can see the cash peeking up above it when you open it up. I did that on purpose… so make sure you glue the cash pocket on low enough to accommodate for that and not have it poke out the top when the wallet is closed (so you won’t see the cash from the front when closed). I didn’t glue mine on low enough so I need to redo mine. So learn from my mistake and have a dollar bill handy so you can mark where to glue your pocket.
2. If using cardstock, make sure you score along the fold lines to make cleaner folds.
3. Once your wallet is assembled and the gift cards are inside, it will have some bulk to it and likely will not stay closed… you can add some ribbon ties to fix that and it’d look super cute!

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  1. How cute! Definitely doing this for my girls! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing your work. this is a great idea.

  4. Thanks so much, Megan!

  5. Such a cute idea…thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Hi Megan….I love your wonderful gift however, I was unable to download the papers….Would LOVE to have them….Thanks Dear….

  7. Great idea! Thank you!

  8. Can you make a video or post steps how to make it

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