I’m just a gal who loves to make stuff! This blog of mine is my outlet for all things creative. I first stumbled upon digital scrapbooking in 2005 but I didn’t dive in until early 2007 when I was pregnant with my daughter. About a year and a half after I started scrapping, I began learning digital design. My passion for digital scrapbooking, along with a desire to capture better photos of my darling daughter, pushed me into photography in late 2009. I put the design stuff away for a little bit, but I’m back and excited to offer you new digital scrapbooking designs in 2012 (and hopefully beyond)!

I have this compulsion to learn new stuff. I see something I love and decide I want to teach myself how to do it! In the last year I also taught myself to crochet and knit. I have way too many hobbies and I’m sure I’ll be picking up more in the near future (sewing, perhaps?).

I am happily married to a super hot stud named Tyrel. We’ve been married for over 6 years now. We have THE cutest kids ever. Our princess is 4 and we’ve got a handsome dude who is 9 months old. We live in a small town and the nearest Target is 2 hours away (THE HORROR!). Sometimes I struggle with small town life – mainly because I miss yummy restaurants and good shopping – but overall, it’s pretty great. We feel safe and the people are so friendly. So there ya have it! I’m a wife, mom, and small town resident who loves to make beautiful things!

And, for the record, my name is “Meeegan.” It rhymes with “vegan.” ;)


Special thanks to Halversen Photography for the profile photo!


  1. Hi Megan,

    I happened across your blog about two years ago, I had just discovered digital scrapbooking and was searching all over for freebies to experiment with my photo editing software. I immediately bookmarked your site because your kits and freebies were so awesome! I would refer to your site often because your layouts were so inspirational and I would often study your rock star shadowing. Of course, your photography is amazing too! I stopped scrapbooking for about a year or so and this must have been about the time you had your son (congratulations by the way, both of your children are beautiful and adorable). I’ve started scrapbooking within the last month again and I still visit your site for inspiration. Today, I discovered your new site (which looks great by the way) and was thrilled to see you will be back to designing again!! Yippee!! I’m a big fan so I’ll be checking back on a regular basis as I look forward to seeing your new designs!

    Welcome back,

  2. Hey there, This blog post cannot be penned any better! Perusing this post reminds me of my fiancee. She often kept chatting about this. I’m going to send this write-up to her. I’m fairly certain she’ll enjoy a good read. Thanks for discussing!

  3. Hey, I have a four year old girl and 9 month old (well, he’s almost 10 months old) son too!

    Your digi stuff is cool. :)

  4. I just wanted to leave you a quick note. I too have two kids a boy (1 year old) and a girl (2 years old). They were the reason for me to abandon the paper world of scrapbooking and enter into the digital world, (not enough time in the day to work on paper scrapbooking anymore). I have found that it is a huge learning curve for me, but I too love to learn new things!!!!
    I think your kits are great!!!
    Any chance of having an opening on a CT soon?

    Thanks for creating such great kits.

  5. Your designs are absolutely awesome. Thanks for sharing your talent and being inspirational with all your layouts. I too am asking if you going to open a CT anytime soon?

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