Clickin’ Moms has been THE greatest thing for improving my photography. It is the only photography forum that I frequent (I never bothered with the free ones), and I’m on there A LOT! I first joined back in 2009 just before I got my first DSLR – a Canon Rebel XSi. There are tons of tutorials and just a ridiculous amount of information there.  The tutorials and tips I found in this forum, along with tons of practice, have really helped me grow as a photographer. There is just so much to learn when it comes to photography and I’m still learning more each and every day. FULL of inspiration and support, it’s my fave photog hangout! There is also a section on the forum where members share templates, actions, etc. for free! It’s a great resource whether you’re just wanting to improve your photography (so you can have gorgeous photos for your scrapbook pages) or if you’re hoping to launch (or improve) your photography business.

Through 3/31/2012, you can use code GIFT10 to sign up for a free 1 week trial OR jump right in and get $10 off a 6 month or 12 month membership. You’ll only be able to use the code once, so choose wisely!

If you join, I can’t wait to see you over there! There is a lot of info on there, so don’t be overwhelmed. Just pick a few sections to check out to start and utilize the search function to find things you specifically want to learn about.



This post contains my affiliate link, but I only promote Clickin’ Moms because I LOVE it there!