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Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Keeping your oven’s exhaust hood clean is more than just an essential task to keep your kitchen looking nice. It is an important part of keeping your entire home safe. Grease fires are common and can happen due to any residue left on or around your oven, stove, burners and even the hood.

Cleaning a hood can be a laborious task for any homeowner and especially any restaurant owner. Commercial hoods are larger and they get dirtier and greasier faster than any other type of exhaust hood. Whether you have a residential task or a commercial task to do, you have to figure out how to clean the exhaust area properly using the right cleansers and tools. Then you have to set about doing the work.

If you haven’t cleaned your home’s oven exhaust cover in a long time, this can be a tiring job. If you own a restaurant you need to keep the hood clean to prevent fires. As a result, you have probably had it cleaned professionally recently but with all the cooking going on, the grease accumulates faster. This adds up to a lot more work when you go to clean it.

You have to choices with hood cleaning. You can buy special cleansers or use a mix of baking soda and dish detergent to scrub the grease and oil off of it. This can take what seems like hours. Or, you can let the professional exhaust cleaners do the work for you.

Not only can they get the work done faster and more efficiently, but you also will not have to worry about endangering yourself or someone else while attempting to do the cleaning yourself. The professionals do a thorough job of hood cleaning inside and outside. They also change the filter leaving your home or restaurant clean and safe.

Aside from cleaning the hood, it is also important to clean our grease trap.