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Designs By Megan Turnidge


Some pretty darn adorable Frankenstein cupcakes!

These little guys are just too darn cute! Now, I can’t take the credit for coming up with them… I saw them in a Halloween idea book that we had when I was a kid and made them for the first time when I was back in junior high. I’ve made them for several Halloweens… and they’re always a big hit!

Here’s what you need:
-1 cake mix (I prefer chocolate)
-Water, oil, eggs called for on the cake mix box
-Colored ice cream cones… you want the green ones specifically, but they usually come in a pack with 3 different colors (the mix makes over 24 cupcakes in the ice cream cones, so plan accordingly)
-Chocolate frosting
-Black icing for piping
-Smarties candies
-Sweetarts candies (don’t get the small ones that come in the wrappers like Smarties because you want them slightly larger than the Smarties… the ones in the movie theater type candy box are perfect size)

Prepare the cake mix according to the mix directions. Place green ice cream cones in a muffin pan – 1 for each muffin slot. Fill the cones with the cake batter… I think about 2/3 full. Don’t fill them any higher than the picture below, or they’ll explode over the top of the cones and run down the edges (I know, it’s happened to me… haha). Then bake according to the mix directions, checking them around 15-20 minutes. Remove from the oven when toothpick comes out clean. Let cool completely.

Now, prepare Frankenstein’s bolts… here’s what you need…

Grab a Smartie and pipe some frosting onto one side… then place a Sweetart on top and set aside. Continue until you have enough bolts for all your cones (you need 2 bolts for each of these cuties).

Once your cupcakes are completely cooled, ice the tops with the chocolate frosting. Then use the black icing to make their faces and add some stitches on their heads. Then apply more black icing to the back of each bolt and apply them to your cones.

Now, these are pretty hard to transport… so I recommend if you’re bringing them to a party that you leave the bolts off until you get there. Or you can assemble them completely at home and bring your black icing along to attach any bolts that may have fallen off during the car ride.

You can use the pine cones too!  Frankie needs a girlfriend! hehe, The little girls will love the pink ones…

Have a fun, spooky, and safe Halloween!!!